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Leave Me.

This past weekend, my husband and some of our friends made a short film for a 36-hour contest. (No, I’m not posting this to drum up votes. There are specific judges for the contest. Your “vote” would make us smile, but would be obsolete in the actual determination of the winner.) The films have to […]

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Egg night!

It’s a little pathetic how long I sat trying to think of an exciting post title that did not involve an egg pun. Turns out there isn’t one (unless you can come up with one), so “egg night” it is. It was way more fun than it sounds. Some friends came over and we dyed, […]

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In the Doghouse?

If you get a call from me anytime soon asking you to come bail me out of jail, here’s why: Allow me to explain. I was driving home listening to the Ewan McGregor version of “Your Song” and I wanted to hear the whole thing so I drove around my subdivision a little bit. My […]

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T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s