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What I Saw

I was finished with work early in the afternoon yesterday, so I celebrated the significantly lower temperature by throwing on a cardigan and going on a drive around my area of Nashville with my camera in tow. This is what I saw. I am in love with where I live.

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He’s so Fluffy I’m Gonna DIE!!!

It was early this morning, about halfway through my cup of coffee. Ryan had just left for work and I was wondering what to blog about today when it happened. The door opened and Ryan said, “Hey, Sarah, wanna see the fuzziest caterpillar ever?” “YES!” I sprang up and starting running toward the door. “Oh […]

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Er….Makeover Take Two…and a story.

1-1-11 addendum: I realize this post is no longer relevant…but I still like the story I’m sure you all have noticed that my blog looks different…AGAIN. Ever put something together, think, “Oh, this looks so great!” and then find yourself less and less satisfied each time you see it? I think what bothered me the […]

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Taking Matters Into my Own Hands

A few weeks ago, on one of my favorite blogs, I saw the most adorable shabby, obviously handmade fabric flowers. I asked the author for a tutorial but with four kids and her many creative escapades to keep her busy, she has rather understandably not provided one (so far). I googled. I surveyed. Finally, I […]

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T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s