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Well, we’ve kind of skimped on the whole “25 Days of Christmas” thing.  It’s hard to be energetic and intentional while working overtime and driving home in the pitch black (I’m very affected by the darkness out here on the edge of the Central Time Zone).  We have, however, made Moravian sugar cookies – my […]

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Our Christmas Season So Far

I came up with a “25 Days of Christmas” for Ryan and me to do starting a little early and ending the day before we leave for our Christmas vacation with our parents.  Some of the daily activities are no big deal, but the point is that we’ll at least do something little and fun […]

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New Owls in the Etsy Shop

Hi all!  I’ve added some more owls to my Etsy shop – mostly Christmasy ones and even some little ornament minis :o)  There are also a couple of cute banners in there, so check it out!  Thanks!

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Thanksgiving 2012 Photo Extravaganza

Ryan and I just got back from spending Thanksgiving with my family in St. Louis (well, most of them – missed you tons, Mary and Josh!).  We had a great time!  Here are some photos to prove it (They’re all SOOC, as these days it’s a triumph in itself for me to simply import and upload […]

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A Lack in my Life

Today I was stricken by how much I miss being part of a family. Of course I have Ryan, and he and I are our own family; and we have family who love us and support us even though they’re far away. I miss being part of a tight-knit community in frequent contact with each […]

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