Thoughts/Adventures of a Girl on a Digital Fast

I’m on the home stretch of a 21-day break from Twitter and Facebook.  My only “cheats” have been to look and smile at my many birthday wishes, untag myself in unflattering pictures, and send/respond to personal messages.  I thought I’d catch interested parties up on what I’ve been up to and thinking while I’ve been missing from the social media world.

So far this month, I:

  • have started to feel more “in the swing of things” at my new job.
  • played Settlers of Catan for the first time.  (Note: if you ever play this game with me, you will win.  All I care about is hoarding sheep.)
  • turned twenty-six.  Blah.
  • became addicted to and caught up on the (current) best show on television.
  • had the honor of accompanying my husband on his very first ER visit.  *Tear*  I’m so proud!  (He is fine.)
  • learned that people in Nashville feel the need to go half the speed limit when it rains.
  • passed my first ACLS class.  Whew.
  • had it reaffirmed that my grandpa is the only person who can make me laugh in a serious situation 100% of the time.
  • learned that if something important enough is mentioned on Facebook while I’m taking a break from it, someone tells me about it anyway.
  • got back on the elliptical for the first time in way too long, and it’s made a quick and awesome difference.
  • added a couple of things to my shop.
  • spent quality time with these wee ones.

Some things that have been floating around in my brain (not for the faint of heart):

  • Do the companies who say, “Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from our emails?  We’ll miss you…” really think that I’ll read that, get all teary-eyed, and have a change of heart?  (J. Crew, if you REALLY want to woo me, how about lowering your prices by like 80%?)
  • If I ever go to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop isn’t there, my heart will very truly be broken.
  • I used to hate hip-hop.  The first radio station I found here in Nashville plays a lot of it.  Now I LOVE it.  Yes, a country music fan moved to Country Capital USA and became a fan of hip-hop.
  • This is an example, of an unnecessary comma.
  • I am still waiting for the day that the whole world wakes up and realizes that Hanson is seriously the best band ever.
  • Has anyone seen the new cat moleskine?  Please never buy it for me, no matter how much you think I love cats (there is a difference between loving one’s own pets and being obsessed with an entire species).  It’s just sad.
  • I am in my mid-twenties and still have to blow a kiss to the pair of socks I put back in the drawer when I change my mind and choose a different pair.

What have all of you been up to recently?

Ryan Dunlap - January 22, 2011 - 7:20 pm

I’m not dead yet!

Ashley - January 23, 2011 - 6:09 pm

You’re back! I’ve been wondering about your silence…

It must be nice to take a digital breather. Matt escaped FB for ~6 months & relied on me to give him pertinent (which we all know isn’t REALLY pertinent) information regarding friends’ and families’.

Nonetheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed your rest. But I miss you & I’m ready to read from you again!

Joseph Hutson - January 25, 2011 - 9:27 am

It’s great to know that someone who loves Hanson, so much as you do, is also a great and fun person to hang around with. :)

P.S. I love the new layout of your blog, and all of the pictures (including the ones of your kitties) are all perfecto…

Brownie - January 28, 2011 - 3:55 am

Oh my goodness! What beautiful pictures of cats! I don’t even really like cats – but I must like photos of them. I have a few pictures of cats but not as pretty as your’s. :)

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