Scrapbook Paper Mirror

While cleaning up the craft/guest room today, I happened to see a piece of paper I’d bought a couple of weeks back next to a yet-to-be-decorated mirror from Ikea.  They just looked so cute together, I had to make a match of it.


Wooden or otherwise plain mirror (or picture frame if you’d like – $1 at Michael’s!)

A sheet of scrapbook paper at least as big as your mirror (sorry, I didn’t photograph my paper first!)


Mod Podge/brush

Measuring tape

Lace, ribbon, or other trim

Hot glue gun (mine looks terrible because I like to leave it plugged in and forget about it for a day at a time – please don’t do that)


Button or other cute little adornment

Measure your paper and cut it to fit the mirror.  (I didn’t photograph this step.)  I got lucky – mine was graph paper, making it VERY easy to know where to cut.  This is almost a necessity for me.  Ha.

Apply Mod Podge to your mirror and IMMEDIATELY (but carefully) apply the cut-out of the paper – wood is porous and will absorb the Mod Podge quickly.

I had traced the middle cut-out on my paper with purple colored pencil and a little bit was still showing – easy to cover up with a little bit of lace trim!

Measure your trim and cut four pieces at an angle so that the outside corners will match up.

Sew the corners together.


Glue the trim down around the inner edge.  You could also glue the corners down, but I wanted mine to stick up.

Squee!  But we’re not finished yet.

I used my friend Lauren’s semi-circle flower tutorial with felt.  I glued each piece to the mirror as I went.

Finally, I glued a white button to a piece of felt, cut around it to fit, and glued it to the center of the flower.

Ready to hang!

There, that looks way better than the bare phone jack under it.

Easy and satisfying Saturday morning project!

Jessica - February 23, 2011 - 4:02 am

You’re so crafty. I admire that, and hope to be like that someday. Love all your little projects! This is adorable!

C... - February 28, 2011 - 2:16 pm

Those are supercute! I need to try that.

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