Ruffle Shower Curtain

The minute I saw Leanne‘s tutorial for an Anthropologie-inspired shower curtain, I knew I had to make one.  I loved her color scheme, especially since I’ve been obsessed with yellow as of late, so I chose to make mine in shades of yellow as well.

I followed the tutorial pretty closely, but I already had a plain white shower curtain to which I simply attached my ruffles instead of buying material for the back, making buttonholes for the hooks, etc.  I had been wanting to dress up my poor, boring white curtain for quite awhile so this was the perfect way.

(All phone pics, nothing fancy.)

The curtain in progress.

And voila!

My commentary:

1) If you, like me, are working with very lightweight strips that are easy to see through, either do what Leanne did and use a yellow highlighter that you can barely see, or do what I did and simply pin while measuring to keep each ruffle straight.  I used pink highlighter at first and you can see it through the back of the shower curtain (and, if you look closely enough, through the light ruffle at the top).  So after that, I just started measuring and pinning.

2) DO NOT buy yards and yards of fabric in order to have one continuous strip for each ruffle.  I bought 2 yards of each and attached two strips end-to-end for each ruffle, and she is right – you cannot see the seams.  It is definitely worth saving all that money.

3) Because I was just adding ruffles to a pre-existing curtain, I had to consider how the top of the curtain would look with regard to how I attached the first ruffle.  I sewed it on upside-down and wrong side up, then turned it down so you can’t see the seam.  I hope that makes sense, because I didn’t take a picture.  (My top ruffle is shorter than the rest, but I don’t care.)

4) Leanne says she would have slitted her wrists if she didn’t have her ruffle foot.  I took her word for it and ordered one on Amazon.  Let me tell you, I was closer to going crazy trying to work with that ruffle foot than I ever was when I finally ended up sitting there and hand-gathering each strip while enjoying “Dr. Who.”  I had a very talented friend direct me to articles and videos that helped me a LOT (how to attach it to your machine, how to feed the fabric, which stitch to use, etc) and the ruffle foot worked great at first.  But then it would just start jamming my machine for no reason that I could figure out, no matter how much my husband and I both tried.  After three broken needles, I called it quits.  If you have patience and don’t mind doing this project over three weeks a few days, I think you’ll be just fine hand-gathering.

Are you going to make one?  Let me see if you do!  :)

Stephanie - January 21, 2012 - 11:31 pm

WOW, Sarah! You did an AMAZING job. It’s just so pretty! You have definitely dressed up you bathroom :)

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