Christmas 2012

Remember that?  It was, like, 2 weeks ago before they put out all the swimming suits in Target?

Well, here’s a recap of my Christmas.

Ryan and I spent approximately 45 hours in the car traveling to and from our Christmas destination.  Thankfully, it was broken up into six different trips, so it wasn’t too bad.  We drove from Nashville to St. Louis to drop off the cats to be babysat by my Pi and Gra (thank you, Pi and Gra!) and to pick up my mom.  We unwrapped presents at her house and left the next morning for Tulsa.  Ryan’s parents took us to dinner at Ted’s Escondido (the most amazing Mexican restaurant ever, IMHO), we unwrapped presents at their house, and the next morning we left for our Christmas destination: Ryan’s parents’ cabin in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

The drive through Oklahoma and into New Mexico is actually quite pretty.

Angel Fire is a popular skiing destination, so we knew that there would be at least SOME snow.  When we got there, we discovered just how much there actually was.

It was nearly up to my knees!  And there were bunny tracks in their backyard!  How sweet.

The next morning, Christmas Eve, this was the view from the back door.

This is Wheeler Peak, the tallest point in New Mexico.

We went on a SLEIGH RIDE!  It was so fun and the experience of a lifetime.

We pulled up to a little camp in the woods and were greeted, “Merry Christmas!  Merrrrrry Christmaaaaaas!”  Haha.  It was so great!  True story: I saw a magical gnome who turned into human-size during the day.  At least, that’s my take.

He even cooked us lunch!

Here’s a bald eagle in a treetop – see him?  (Sorry for the poor quality; had to MAJORLY zoom in.)

Tell me these horses aren’t the sweetest things ever.

That evening, we went to the ski school to watch the Torchlight Parade: skiers come down the mountain carrying torches.  It was magical.

They even pulled Santa down the mountain in a sled!  :) I missed his arrival, but here he is!

We finished off the evening with a Christmas Eve dinner in the country club restaurant.  Before our table was ready, we lounged and had drinks by the fire.

Christmas breakfast!

Our Christmas day was relaxing and peaceful.  We chatted, read books, watched “JAWS” (lol) and just enjoyed being together.  The next day, we went to Taos, which is a nearby town with great eating and shopping.

We saw “Les Miserables,” then went home and had Christmas leftovers for supper.

Our last day there was another relaxing day of eating, shopping, and enjoying each other’s company.

Here’s me and my momma.  I’m so glad she got to join us!

So that was my Christmas!  Hope you enjoyed:)

Ashley - January 10, 2013 - 4:11 pm

Get out of here! Eagles & gnomes & torchlights, oh my! Seriously, this looks like the greatest Christmas e.v.e.r. & I’m so envious of that sleigh ride! Glad you had such a memorable holiday :)

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