Bon Voyage!

Today we are leaving for our week-long trip to London.  I’m kind of surprised at how chill I’ve been about the whole thing and have blamed it on having so much on my mind.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m incredibly excited – I just don’t think it has truly hit me yet.

We’ll arrive at 9am London time tomorrow, which I think is 3am here.  I have high hopes, slightly less high expectations of being able to stay awake and alert all day.  I’m sure the excitement will be enough:) I’ve never been this far away before in my life.  It’s my first time leaving the continent.  I know Ryan and I will make so many amazing memories on this trip, and I can’t wait!

Also, for anyone who has not yet heard (if there are any of you ;)), we are having a daughter!  Her name is Mary Clementine.  Many have asked where the name comes from – Mary is my sister’s name and a family name on both sides.  It has different meanings depending on where you look.  Not all of them are pleasant (“sea of bitterness”) but we like the Hebrew meaning, which is “wished for child.”  That she definitely is!  Clementine is a name that we both just really like (okay, it may also be a nod to “LOST”….).  It means “merciful” and that’s something I would like our daughter to be.  I’m also loving living in the South and have Southern roots on both sides of my family, so picking a feminine, Southern-sounding name makes me happy.  I can’t wait to buy her adorable British clothes!  😉

I will be sure to blog about our trip!

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