Later London: Days One & Two

Hello world!  Here I am at long last to blog about our London trip.  It’s been so crazy with packing, moving, unpacking, painting, and finishing up my time at my job so those are my excuses for not getting around to this until now.  :) I will do one day at a time because of how many photos we took, and also because I want to take the time to describe the days before I forget what happened!  But since there wasn’t much to the day we arrived, I’ll combine that with our first full day.

All of these photos are SOOC because, let’s face it, if I took the time to edit them all this post would REALLY never happen.  They are also a mix of iPhone and DSLR photos, so they’re not all the greatest, but here they are:)

Let’s get started!  Here we are at the Nashville airport getting ready to take off on our adventure!

We arrived Sunday afternoon and did just a little bit of exploring around our hotel (which was near the Marble Arch) before hunting down dinner and heading to bed.

(Paddington Station)

There was street construction going on, so excuse the mess!

We used an app on Ryan’s phone to find a nearby pub, but when we walked there we found out why it was so inexpensive – they ONLY served drinks.  Ha.  So we went to a restaurant we’d seen along the way called Giraffe and I had some spicy noodles.  Ryan had fish and chips.  No pics of dinner somehow, but that’s all right.

The next morning, we headed down to Leicester Square for our hop-on, hop-off bus tour, stopping for breakfast along the way.

My cute date.


Those British are so polite, they even tell you which way to look before crossing a one-way street!  How very thoughtful.

Here we are on the double-decker bus!

Getting our first glimpses of London.

I didn’t realize one could be starstruck over a structure, but I kind of freaked when I saw Big Ben for the first time.  (Rather, the clock tower that Big Ben lives in, as I learned he is the bell inside and not the tower.)

Ryan outside Parliament

We hopped off at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  It was magnificent.

(Pictures weren’t allowed inside; we made do!)

We also walked around Westminster Bridge (or, as my ignorant self called it, “The ‘Hook’ Bridge” since that’s the first movie I think of when I see it.  Ha!).  Great views of the Thames, Parliament, and the London Eye.

We had lunch at a burger place.  Obligatory lunch picture – featuring my yummy lime shake!  :)

This tour guide was awesome.  He got so dramatic and was way into it.  Gotta love people who are obviously in their element.  (Sorry for the blurry pic!)

Our first glimpse of Tower Bridge, which turned out to be one of my favorite landmarks.

A view of the Tower of London from Tower Bridge

The Shard!  We geeked out since it had been featured in a recent episode of Doctor Who.

Our next hop-off was at the Tower of London.  Full disclosure; I had no idea what this was but had been told we had to visit, so we did!  It’s a very old fortress that is now used for multiple purposes, including displaying the Crown Jewels.

(Read about it if you’re morbid like myself.)


After our tour, we went into the National Gallery.  It was amazing!

This girl was so talented – I couldn’t expose for the original AND her version, so I took two pics.

So cool!

We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant called Prezzo near our hotel.  It was an exhausting but great first full day!


Hope you enjoyed:) More to come soon!

Gra - July 17, 2013 - 4:10 pm

Made me homesick – brought back so much of the 100 days I lived in the UK. Great pics and commentary.

Jackie - August 8, 2013 - 11:57 pm

These were INCREDIBLE pictures! Sarah, you have a very good eye for photography.

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