Later London: Day Four

Day Four brought us to lovely Cardiff, Wales to see the Doctor Who exhibit!  We caught a quick breakfast at a cafe across from our hotel, then hopped a train for a beautiful three-hour journey through the countryside.

I just have to post this picture because it makes me so happy.  “Pulp” = “bits” in Britain.  Love it!


Here are a few policemen/woman in their glorious hats.  The neon jackets lessen the effect, but what are you gonna do?  (P.S. The “Mothercare” store in the background was an awesome store from which I got my maternity swimsuit!  Yay.)


And here is a rather adorable old chap in the train station, trying to find his way.

Thankfully, Ryan had decided to opt for the “quiet car” on the train when he booked our tickets, obviously neither of us knowing I’d be sick at the time.  So it was very nice to have a restful ride.  (Plus a lady was having a loud conversation on her phone and a man turned to her and pointed to the “Quiet” sign – she promptly ended the phone call.  Boom!  I love witnessing the smackdown, however minor.)  😉

The exhibit was a short walk from the train station.  Here are the photos I took – again, all iPhone.  I guess being ill meant not wanting to lug a camera around, ha.  (I promise I took SOME decent photos on this vacation!)

Again, might not want to spoil this for yourself if you ever plan on going!



Rory!  (Yes, our cat is named after him, ha.)


Amy’s my girl.


These are my peeps.


I’m pretty sure this was the only tea I drank the whole time we were in the UK, and it wasn’t even in England.  Ha!  I’m a coffee girl…


Beautiful Cardiff Bay.

I have to say that our extremely limited time (i.e. hours) in Wales was wonderful.  The people we encountered were so friendly and happy to greet us, point us in the right direction, etc.  I’d love to go back and explore more one day.

SHEEP!  (On the train ride back.)


When we got back to London, we found a fish and chips place for dinner.  It looked amazing but sadly I couldn’t taste it due to my sinuses:( Ha.  At least I got to partially experience it!

And that was our fourth day:)

Ryan - August 27, 2013 - 4:42 pm

That was an excellent day. Cardiff was rather pleasant, and Colm was awesome.

Jackie Thacker - August 28, 2013 - 9:01 am

Thanks for the pictures, they’re so good!

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