He’s so Fluffy I’m Gonna DIE!!!

It was early this morning, about halfway through my cup of coffee. Ryan had just left for work and I was wondering what to blog about today when it happened.
The door opened and Ryan said, “Hey, Sarah, wanna see the fuzziest caterpillar ever?”
“YES!” I sprang up and starting running toward the door. “Oh wait – camera!”
When my pajama-clad self walked out the door, this is what I saw.
Eeeek! Isn’t he cute? (I don’t know why, but all creatures in nature are male to me. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that?)
Not only is he attractive to the eye, but he also has an appreciation for the arts. Here he is crawling all over the neighbor kids’ sidewalk chalk drawing to get a closer look.
“Come to me, and together we will play and laugh and daydream and I really hope you aren’t poisonous and won’t bite me even though ‘death by caterpillar’ would be pretty amusing on the death certificate.”
He didn’t bite.
Bye-bye, caterpillar friend. I sincerely hope I don’t walk outside and find you squashed at my doorstep later today. I would cry.
I’m going to tell myself that you will find a pretty lady caterpillar who looks just like you, only pink and purple, and together you will browse museums and frequent local coffee shops on beat poetry night.

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