Later London: Day Five

Our fifth day saw us actually spending time in London itself again!  Woo!  We wanted to check a few more things off of our London Passes, so we headed toward the Globe Theatre.

We happened upon Borough Market on our walk from the Underground to the theatre, and I am so so so glad.  It was amazing, and we found a great little Italian place at which to enjoy, yes, cannoli for breakfast.  (Ryan got a panini and we shared each, so I guess there was SOME nutrition.)  😉  We also had fabulous mochas.  We ate upstairs and they were blasting ABBA.  I’m not sure why this is one of my favorite memories from the trip, but it is.

(P.S. – That morning my straightener fritzed so my hair was pretty much awful the rest of the trip.  But I’ve decided to not be vain and to post the less-than-flattering pics anyway.  Lol!)


We very much enjoyed our tour of The Globe (a replica, of course, since the original burned down a long time ago).  We found out they put on all of their performances rain or shine – major dedication for an open-air theatre in such a rainy city!

Afterward, we headed to the London Zoo.  I’m such a sucker for animals so I was really excited.


The zoo was great!  Ryan wanted to see the Royal Air Force Museum and it wasn’t far, so we went there next.


After our touristy adventures, we did a little shopping.  Can you say LIBERTY?!

Oh, how amazing it was.  There are precious few times in my life when I actually wish I were rich, but walking around Liberty was one of them!  Ha!  So many lovely, curious, whimsical, expensive things.  I did get a pair of flowery bloomers for Lady Mary Clementine, though:)

Two days to go!  :)

Trisha Jackson - September 4, 2013 - 5:36 pm

Those liberty of London bloomer’s are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Plus I’m a little obsessed with Liberty of London fabric anyway. Glad you got some for your little one. She deserves it.

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