My Family Baby Shower

This post is almost two months late, but better late than never!  :) In July, my sister threw me an amazing shower in our hometown with a lot of our family and friends.  It was in a tearoom and was so charming and fun!  Here are some (okay, a lot of :)) pics of the day.

Creme brulee cupcakes!  I requested them from Kristina, one of my sister’s best friends and our cupcake connoisseur 😉  They were out of this world!

Beautiful ladies!  L to R: Kristina, Tracey and my sister, Mary

The favors were so adorable!  Fitz’s is a St. Louis company famous for their root beer and other delicious sodas.  Such a great idea!

I love these ladies!  Josey, Jennifer and Denise, to whom I lovingly refer as “Yemma V” since she’s my second mom:)

My lovely grandma!  She rocked heels very shortly after knee surgery and looked so pretty!

Yay for sisters – or “bruthers” 😉


We played a hilarious game with these babies!  Have you heard of the “my water broke” game?  Each baby was frozen in an ice cube and the first person to get theirs out shouted “My water broke!” and won a prize.  Haha!

Kristina gave me the left over creme brulee from the cupcakes, haha.  I was rather excited.

My Aunt Jean loves to sing.  She sang “Oh my Darling Clementine” for little Mary Clementine at the end of the shower:)

Just a fraction of the maternal side of my family:) Love them!

This was such a special day with some of our nearest and dearest and I will always treasure the memory:)

Trisha Jackson - September 17, 2013 - 3:43 am

Beautiful dress! You look great!

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