Scrapbook Paper Mirror

While cleaning up the craft/guest room today, I happened to see a piece of paper I’d bought a couple of weeks back next to a yet-to-be-decorated mirror from Ikea.  They just looked so cute together, I had to make a match of it.


Wooden or otherwise plain mirror (or picture frame if you’d like – $1 at Michael’s!)

A sheet of scrapbook paper at least as big as your mirror (sorry, I didn’t photograph my paper first!)


Mod Podge/brush

Measuring tape

Lace, ribbon, or other trim

Hot glue gun (mine looks terrible because I like to leave it plugged in and forget about it for a day at a time – please don’t do that)


Button or other cute little adornment

Measure your paper and cut it to fit the mirror.  (I didn’t photograph this step.)  I got lucky – mine was graph paper, making it VERY easy to know where to cut.  This is almost a necessity for me.  Ha.

Apply Mod Podge to your mirror and IMMEDIATELY (but carefully) apply the cut-out of the paper – wood is porous and will absorb the Mod Podge quickly.

I had traced the middle cut-out on my paper with purple colored pencil and a little bit was still showing – easy to cover up with a little bit of lace trim!

Measure your trim and cut four pieces at an angle so that the outside corners will match up.

Sew the corners together.


Glue the trim down around the inner edge.  You could also glue the corners down, but I wanted mine to stick up.

Squee!  But we’re not finished yet.

I used my friend Lauren’s semi-circle flower tutorial with felt.  I glued each piece to the mirror as I went.

Finally, I glued a white button to a piece of felt, cut around it to fit, and glued it to the center of the flower.

Ready to hang!

There, that looks way better than the bare phone jack under it.

Easy and satisfying Saturday morning project!

Why Life Especially Rocks As Of Late.

I am feeling rather smily this morning, and I’d like to list a few reasons why.

-My husband came back last night after having been in DC since early Wednesday morning.

-I was not brutally murdered while my husband was gone.

-When my husband came back, we exchanged presents: I gave him the latest in ketchup packet technology, which I’d picked up at Chick-Fil-A, and he gave me a bag of honey roasted peanuts from his flight.  We were very excited about our treasures.

-I ate at Chick-Fil-A last night.

-After naughtily eating danishes at work for three days in a row and having a shake at Chick-Fil-A last night, I was scared to get on the scale this morning…but I have lost 2lbs!

-I have now lost 6lbs!

-I spent some much-needed time talking and hanging out with girlfriends on Friday night.  Women need other women in their lives.  Period.

-My friend and I sewed a blouse from a pattern from start to finish over Friday night/yesterday (this is truly a miracle).  We feel SO accomplished!

-I drove home on beautiful country roads last night, blasting this song on repeat.  No other song can make me so incredibly joyful and excited about life.

-The weather is beautiful and this week’s forecast includes temps in the 50s and 60s.  Spring is on its way!!!  It’s almost time to watch “Easter Parade!”

-I bought a skirt for $13.80 that looks like something Anthropologie would sell for over $100.

-My husband gave me this as an early Valentine’s Day present.

These things are making me smile.  What’s making you smile?

Smile & Wave Giveaway!

The always inspiring blog Smile & Wave has an amazing giveaway going on until tomorrow.  If you’re into sewing at all, you should definitely check it out!!!

Read about the giveaway here.

In Which a Sheet Becomes a Dress.

Meet Sheet.

I purchased Sheet on Etsy.  I was advised that she had holes and black streaks, but still I found her beautiful and saw her potential.  So to my house she came.  I was nervous to cut Sheet, afraid that my dream of making her into a simple little dress would not go well.  But after a few days of staring at her, I dove in.

Now, the dress that I wanted to make was not very ambitious at all.  In fact, when I get into how I did it, you’ll probably think, “Shouldn’t it be more complicated than that?”  That thought was in the back of my mind throughout this process and thankfully, it worked out.  I’m more of a “let’s make this simple and hope it works” kind of girl.  For this dress, I kind of combined two tutorials I’d seen on the internet.  The first is the pillowcase dress and the second is this skirt.  The only part I got from the skirt tutorial was stretching my elastic as I sewed, but I like to give credit where credit is due.  I mostly followed the pillowcase dress tutorial, only obviously Sheet is a sheet and not a pillowcase.  (Do not attempt the dress with a pillowcase unless you are size 4 or lower, or maybe up to an 8 with no badonkadonk whatsoever.  It will not work and you will feel huge, even though you ARE NOT.)

I cut two rectangles out of Sheet for the two pieces that would become my dress.  I could have just doubled the width and cut out one big rectangle, sewing it closed on one side, but as previously mentioned, Sheet had a few issues that I had to work around.  For the length, just measure the distance from where you’d like the dress to start to where you’d like it to end on your body.  Leave an inch or so extra to sew down the elastic on top (and another inch if you are going to hem the bottom – I cut my rectangles so that the bottom was the hemmed part of the sheet).  For the width, measure around the largest part of your body, add an inch or two (depending on how much wiggle room you want), add ANOTHER inch to that (for seams) and divide that number in half.  This number is the width of each rectangle.

The next thing I did was the elastic part for the empire waist (can I say “empire waist” when I’m referring to a sickeningly simple dress I made out of an old sheet?).  This is the part that I got from the skirt tutorial above.  That tutorial explains what I did better than I and my pictures do.  Basically, I took a piece of elastic and measured around under my chest, cut the elastic to that length, then cut it in half (a piece for each rectangle).  I placed the elastic about 8-1/2″ down from the top of the dress.  If you have a fuller bust, put it down lower (I recommend measuring to be sure).  I found the center of the rectangle of fabric and the center of the elastic, matched them up and pinned.  I stretched each end of elastic and pinned them to the ends of the rectangle, then (keeping the elastic stretched the entire time) placed plenty of pins in the spaces.  The more pins you place, the better chance of the fabric “bunching up” evenly when you’ve sewn the elastic into the fabric.

As the tutorial says, when you are sewing the elastic down, keep it stretched the entire time so that your fabric lies flat.

Next, I sewed the two rectangles together, leaving about a 1/4-inch seam allowance…maybe.  I never measure.  My master seamstress grandmother would probably faint if she were alive to read this.  (I remembered to take this picture after I had started to press open the seam.)

Press, pin and sew the fabric down across the top of the fabric – wide enough for your elastic to go through but not so wide that it has room to flip around in there.

Then sew the other side of the dress closed, STARTING UNDER the opening for the elastic!

Here comes the fun part.  Did you ever make scrunchies in the 90s when they were cool (or were they ever, really?)?  If so, this will harken back to those days.  I took a piece of elastic and measured around my body under my arms, then cut it to that length.  You’re supposed to use a safety pin to pull it through the fabric, but I don’t think there is a single one in my house so I used a jewelry pin backing instead.  Attach it to one end of the elastic and feed it on through, bunching it up and pulling it flat as you go, until you get to the other side.  Make sure the other end of the elastic doesn’t sneak into the dress or you’ll lose it!  Scrunch up/straighten the top of the dress as necessary until it looks even, then sew the elastic together.  Finally, sew the top of the dress closed (where the elastic is).


Doesn’t it give you spring fever?

I was amused to find that my dress perfectly matches a Katie Daisy print that Ryan got me for my birthday.  Gifts from my Etsy favorites are the absolute best and so romantic.

This is the first dress I have ever made.  It isn’t a huge feat, but I feel accomplished and happy.  :o)

Thoughts/Adventures of a Girl on a Digital Fast

I’m on the home stretch of a 21-day break from Twitter and Facebook.  My only “cheats” have been to look and smile at my many birthday wishes, untag myself in unflattering pictures, and send/respond to personal messages.  I thought I’d catch interested parties up on what I’ve been up to and thinking while I’ve been missing from the social media world.

So far this month, I:

  • have started to feel more “in the swing of things” at my new job.
  • played Settlers of Catan for the first time.  (Note: if you ever play this game with me, you will win.  All I care about is hoarding sheep.)
  • turned twenty-six.  Blah.
  • became addicted to and caught up on the (current) best show on television.
  • had the honor of accompanying my husband on his very first ER visit.  *Tear*  I’m so proud!  (He is fine.)
  • learned that people in Nashville feel the need to go half the speed limit when it rains.
  • passed my first ACLS class.  Whew.
  • had it reaffirmed that my grandpa is the only person who can make me laugh in a serious situation 100% of the time.
  • learned that if something important enough is mentioned on Facebook while I’m taking a break from it, someone tells me about it anyway.
  • got back on the elliptical for the first time in way too long, and it’s made a quick and awesome difference.
  • added a couple of things to my shop.
  • spent quality time with these wee ones.

Some things that have been floating around in my brain (not for the faint of heart):

  • Do the companies who say, “Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from our emails?  We’ll miss you…” really think that I’ll read that, get all teary-eyed, and have a change of heart?  (J. Crew, if you REALLY want to woo me, how about lowering your prices by like 80%?)
  • If I ever go to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop isn’t there, my heart will very truly be broken.
  • I used to hate hip-hop.  The first radio station I found here in Nashville plays a lot of it.  Now I LOVE it.  Yes, a country music fan moved to Country Capital USA and became a fan of hip-hop.
  • This is an example, of an unnecessary comma.
  • I am still waiting for the day that the whole world wakes up and realizes that Hanson is seriously the best band ever.
  • Has anyone seen the new cat moleskine?  Please never buy it for me, no matter how much you think I love cats (there is a difference between loving one’s own pets and being obsessed with an entire species).  It’s just sad.
  • I am in my mid-twenties and still have to blow a kiss to the pair of socks I put back in the drawer when I change my mind and choose a different pair.

What have all of you been up to recently?

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E t s y   F a v s