Sorry I haven’t yet blogged since our return from London – I have many exciting pics to share and will do so soon! Right now we are in the midst of packing, culling, and gearing up for our move. We close in less than two weeks! Eeep! Can’t wait to share more about our new house as well:)

Bon Voyage!

Today we are leaving for our week-long trip to London.  I’m kind of surprised at how chill I’ve been about the whole thing and have blamed it on having so much on my mind.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m incredibly excited – I just don’t think it has truly hit me yet.

We’ll arrive at 9am London time tomorrow, which I think is 3am here.  I have high hopes, slightly less high expectations of being able to stay awake and alert all day.  I’m sure the excitement will be enough:) I’ve never been this far away before in my life.  It’s my first time leaving the continent.  I know Ryan and I will make so many amazing memories on this trip, and I can’t wait!

Also, for anyone who has not yet heard (if there are any of you ;)), we are having a daughter!  Her name is Mary Clementine.  Many have asked where the name comes from – Mary is my sister’s name and a family name on both sides.  It has different meanings depending on where you look.  Not all of them are pleasant (“sea of bitterness”) but we like the Hebrew meaning, which is “wished for child.”  That she definitely is!  Clementine is a name that we both just really like (okay, it may also be a nod to “LOST”….).  It means “merciful” and that’s something I would like our daughter to be.  I’m also loving living in the South and have Southern roots on both sides of my family, so picking a feminine, Southern-sounding name makes me happy.  I can’t wait to buy her adorable British clothes!  😉

I will be sure to blog about our trip!


Remember how, just a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I was discouraged because of how difficult it’s been to find a house?

Well…we sort of drove by a house and were under contract less than 24 hours later.

Our amazing realtor had sent us this house that kind of caught my by-then-gun-shy eye, and since we were in the area on Sunday, I told Ryan that we might as well drive by it.  Cruising through the neighborhood, most of the people we passed smiled and waved to us.  There were kids riding bikes.  Neighbors met to chat in driveways.  Two college-aged guys were tossing a football in a yard; one caught it, then gave us a grin and a wave.  I asked Ryan, “How much more ‘Leave It to Beaver’ can you get?”  We pulled up to the house and loved what we saw.  Mature trees in the front and back yard, a nice Southern front porch complete with two rocking chairs…I was in trouble.

I texted our realtor that we’d driven by and really liked it – get-‘er-done girl that she is, we had a showing later that afternoon.  I walked into the house and immediately said, “Oh, the stairs.”  And that was only the beginning of my exclamations of amour.  This house was beautifully maintained and updated.  This house was dangerous.  This house was one I could see raising our family in.

Ryan told me we needed to sleep on it, so we decided to leave it at that.  20 minutes later, we were standing in line to order at Wendy’s and our realtor called – another offer had already been submitted on the house.  Cue frantic mode for Sarah.  After a little discussion and a lot of prayer, Ryan said, “I think we should put an offer in.”  I freaked and texted the realtor, knowing she was at an appointment and wouldn’t be able to get back to us very quickly.  We went to Bible study with our friends and I flooded the poor people with pictures and general freakings-out about the perfect house we’d just seen.  I apologized in advance for the fact that, if my phone rang, I was going to step out and answer it.

Lo and behold, that’s what happened.  Our realtor wanted to meet with us in 20 minutes at her office.  Our amazing, amazing group of friends made us slow down enough so that they could pray over us before we left.  I treasure those people so much.  (That night I went to sleep feeling so at peace and blessed by the fact that, whether our offer panned out or not, we have those people in our lives.)

I talked to my retired realtor of a Pi on the way to her office.  He said, “Yeah, sometimes you have to move a lot faster than you want to.”  No kidding!  No pressure or anything….just be ABSOLUTELY SURE this is where you want to LIVE for the next good chunk of your life, and make the decision NOW!  But oh, it was thrilling.

We made it to the office and I tried not to let my daydreams carry me away while Ryan and our realtor talked about numbers and other practical and important stuff or whatever.  😉  She had us write a letter to the seller that would tell him a little bit about us, what we liked about the house, etc.  (Good thing I’m carrying a little heartstrings-tugging weight around my middle these days.)  We left feeling nervous, excited, and hopeful-but-not-TOO-hopeful, especially since the seller’s agent had told ours that they were going to counter the first offer in the morning, THEN look at ours.  (Weird, but okay.)

Fast-forward to late Monday morning…our agent texted me, instructing me to call her when I got a sec.  I hopped on the phone and she said, “Well, Ryan’s in a meeting so you’ll be the first to know that you’re under contract for a house!”  I screamed and ran and jumped and danced all over the surgery center (sorry, baby…sorry, coworkers….really sorry, patients…).  I was sooo excited.

I AM so excited, and I don’t have any second thoughts or cold feet or anything…so far, of course.  God has been so good and so faithful to us, and we’re praying for a smooth process and closing.  We’ll move in early this summer.

EEEEEEEK!  :):):)

Recent Goings-on

I haven’t blogged in months because I’ve felt like either nothing was going on, nothing was going on that I could share, or the thoughts I was having were too boring for anyone to want to read them.  My, how things have changed!  For instance…

I’m having a baby.  Our little one is due at the end of September and we are absolutely thrilled!  We find out this coming week whether we’re having a boy or a girl.  People frequently ask me what I feel like it is, and I honestly have no idea.  Closer to the beginning, I “knew” it was a girl, but then the seed of doubt crept in and now I feel like it’s probably a boy just because God has a sense of humor and knows that I have no idea what to do with a boy.  Seriously, I wouldn’t know what to name him, where to buy his clothes (I really can’t stand all of the sports/construction/shark/robot/dinosaur themed clothes or the fact that that’s ALL there seems to be for boys), and so on.  But in actuality, I really have no idea either way.  Last night I even dreamed that I had had a baby in my sleep and my sister and I walked up to the little “plastic bin” that babies in hospital nurseries are kept in to see what it was.  It was a boy and, like all of the “newborns” on TV, he was easily 3-4 months old.  But precious.

ANYWAY, in other news, we’re buying a house!  We are moving down to Franklin, a town south of Nashville, to be closer to Ryan’s job and all of the new friends we’ve made.  It’s been an exciting process, but disheartening at times.  Right now it’s a seller’s market in Franklin, and any house that is really really awesome stays on the market for MAYBE a few days before going under contract.  Therefore, we’ve decided to hold back on looking for houses until we’re financially ready to jump on one like lions on a gazelle.  We’ve gotten really thrilled about a couple of houses (it takes about 10 seconds for me to view the pictures and mentally paint/decorate each room) only to find out they’ve gone under contract hours later.  The other situation is that we get really excited about a house, then look at the aerial view and see that the house backs up to a busy parkway or is attached to the house nextdoor by a carport (no, thank you!).  Discouraging, but we know God knows the perfect house for us and are trusting that we’ll get it when the time comes!

Because of these two major life-changing events happening at once, it’s kind of hard to know where to be in my head.  Does that make any sense?  I’ve been encouraged by all kinds of people to really enjoy this pregnancy because the first pregnancy only comes once, and goodness knows I’ve been trying, but it’s difficult when I’m also in house-hunting, oh-my-gosh-look-at-all-the-stuff-we-have-that-we’re-going-to-have-to-pack mode (all while working full-time at a somewhat mentally- and physically-grueling job).  The other day, my “Babycenter” app informed me that I should be starting on my baby’s nursery right about now.  Um, WHAT?!  I don’t even know where my baby is going to live yet!  So that’s stressful.  But I’ve done this multi-tasking-big-life-changes thing before (graduated college, got married, moved into a house, took nursing boards and started my first career job within 1.5 months) so I *think* I can handle it again.  I hope.  Eep.

Third…we’re going to LONDON!  We leave two weeks from today (oh goodness) and will be there for about a week.  I am so excited, but also pretty intimidated.  I don’t want to get back and find out about all of the awesome stuff that I could have/should have done, but didn’t know about while I was there, and there are too many places to turn for guidance.  It’s overwhelming, but again, hard to think about when I have our baby and future dwelling place already on my mind most of the time.  Any less-than-obvious suggestions?  (I mean, no doy that I’m going to Platform 9-3/4.)

In less important news, after all these years, I’ve finally given up and started watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m actually enjoying it so far.  The characters are well-developed from the beginning, which makes all the difference in the world.  Ahh, the way my storyteller husband influences me to watch movies and TV.  Anyway, it’s been fun.

Finally, because posts are more fun with pictures, here are the exactly two things I’ve decided are going to be in our baby’s nursery, regardless of the gender:

 Da Vinci Highland Crib

Baa Baa Bookshelf


Ups and Downs

Today is my birthday, and I have a story to tell.  (It’s probably one that you’ve all heard on Twitter/Facebook already, but I still want to post this for posterity’s sake.)

I had met Ryan at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We drove separately because we were coming from different ends of town.  On the drive home, I was trying to return some calls I’d gotten from family and friends.  Just after getting off of the phone, I went through an intersection and behind me appeared the dreaded blue lights.  (And sirens – seriously, who does that??  Are you trying to make me feel like I’ve committed some huge, horrendous crime?  Because it worked.)

Anyway, evidently I had misunderstood the speed limit and was going quite a bit over.  The cop took my info and went to his car.  The tears began.  I’m such a girl.  Meanwhile, my phone started to ring.  I saw that it was my sister, but I couldn’t answer it in my condition, and I didn’t think it’d look good to the cop that I was on the phone, anyway.

The cop gave me my ticket and pretended to feel bad for writing me one on my birthday, then I drove away and called Mary back.  That’s when I found out she had been planning to put Bill Murray on the phone.

(She had been sitting next to him at a restaurant.)

I spent the next 45 minutes or so sobbing, feeling like a wretched person, wondering why this had happened to me after such a great birthday, googling “Why do I feel so bad after getting pulled over,” you name it.  I morosely wondered why all the good things that had happened today had to tease me like that if my day was to end on such a sour note.

Then I realized I’ve got it all wrong.

Yes, I got a speeding ticket today, and that really stinks.  I didn’t get to talk to Bill Murray, and that REALLY REALLY REALLY stinks.  But…

I got a lot of well wishes from friends and family.

I got to eat a delicious lunch with a friend.

I got to hang out with friends and bring them dinner.

Ryan let me buy some awesome fabric to make curtains for our living room.

We had a delicious meal at one of my favorite restaurants.

The men next to us at dinner were discussing which flavor of cheesecake to get and saw my eyes light up at their mention of the mango key lime.  I told them it was my favorite and I highly recommended it.  They enjoyed their slice…and paid for ours.  The man said, “Thanks for being a great neighbor and for the recommendation.”  Wow, what kindness.

Ryan and I went shopping and I got a sweater AND a pair of shoes for the price that the shoes alone had been less than a week ago.  (Hey, that’s a big deal to me.)

I got to turn the A/C on on my BIRTHDAY.  I’m used to frigid temps.

I won’t let the ridiculous amount of guilt and shame I feel about the ticket ruin all of those good things.  It sure tried, and it almost won.  But I’m going to bed with a happy heart tonight.

T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s