Appliquéd Deer Head Sweatshirt

I recently embarked on my first adventure into the world of appliqué. It was a rather ambitious first go, if I may say so, but it was worth the risk to me.  The sweatshirt came from a garage sale – $1 for a plastic bag filled with clothes, so suffice it to say it was not going to be heartbreaking if I ruined it.

I wish I’d thought to take a “before” picture – alas.

I laid my sweatshirt flat and cut a scoopneck.  Straightforward enough.  I then found a deer head stencil, printed it off, cut it out, traced it onto iron-transfer paper, ironed it to a cute fat quarter I had lying around, cut out the fabric, and ironed it to the sweatshirt.  I threaded my machine with bright fuchsia thread, took a VERY deep breath, and began to sew a very tight zig-zag stitch around the appliqué. Obviously, the antlers were the hardest part and it took me days to finish – more than anything because it was so exhaustingly tedious and I know my impulsive tendency to just hurry through something sloppily to get it over with, mostly when I “know” I’m going to mess it up anyway.  But my patience paid off.

It’s not absolutely perfect upon close examination, of course, but I rather like it.  :)

Mary & Josh’s Central Park Engagements

How can I describe the amazingness that was the opportunity of this photo shoot?

Since visiting New York for the first time over three years ago with my sister, Mary, I have been head over heels in love with it.  Particularly with a certain beautiful, (relatively) peaceful haven smack dab in the middle of bustling Manhattan.

I had the extreme honor of taking my very own sister’s engagement portraits in Central Park this summer.  Central.  Flippin’.  Park.  Doing a photoshoot there has been a dream of mine since my first wondrous stroll through it and what better way to make that happen than with my sister and her awesome fiance?

We decided to go early in the morning to catch the pretty light before the park would be flooded with tourists.  It worked out beautifully.

Behold, Mary and Josh:

One of my favorites.

Mary happened upon this great be-vined (is that a word?  It is now) area behind the bandshell.  We definitely had to take advantage!

They are so happy together.  It makes me so happy, too:)

Love this series, taken at Bethesda Terrace.

Mary and Josh frequent Alice’s Tea Cup in the city, so I found it only appropriate to include ol’ Alice in their session 😉

I saved my absolute favorite for last!

Congratulations, Mary and Josh, and I am SO excited to watch you embark on the adventure that awaits you!

The Transformation of a Table

Apologies for the low-quality phone pictures.  Without further ado:



(Marquee letters from Scarlett Loves Rhettro in Atlanta).


Dustin and Gloria: Portraits

My dear friends Dustin and Gloria (affectionately known as Dusty Rose and Glo) gave me the honor of shooting their wedding last October.  Since then, they have moved to Tennessee only because they love us (oh, and for Dustin’s job or something as well), and last weekend I had the privilege of taking portraits of them again!

It had been raining, raining, raining all day and we were thinking that the shoot wasn’t going to happen.  But they came over for dinner anyway and the weather suddenly turned so beautiful that we couldn’t NOT go out and get some shots.

She loves him:)

He loves her:)

Oh, that yummy sunlight.  I could gobble it up.

Dusty Rose and Glo, thanks so much for letting me capture your ridiculously sweet love for each other!  😉

Last Night’s Project

My husband just returned from being in New York for a few days.  I was bored (and lonely) without him here.  I’m learning little by little that boredom can either be just that or it can turn into productivity and bear fruit.  Cute fruit.

For example: A $1.74 remnant of mustard fabric from Joann

Plus quite the assortment of some charming, some amazingly hideous quilting squares

Plus a little time and outside-the-box thinking

Equals a new pillow cover.

Sewing is slowly but steadily going from terrifying to therapeutic.  I’m pleased with this transition.

T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s