Baby Sidney

This post is overdue.  Sweet baby Sidney was born in late March.  But beautiful ladies are always fashionably late, right?

Get a load of those rosy cheeks!  So precious.

Hours old, she’s already a pro at posing for the camera.  Reminds me of her big sister Maddie. 😉

Sidney, you are sweet as can be and beautiful as they come.  Thank you, Stacie, for the honor of capturing these photos of your brand new baby girl!

Steve Martin at The Woods Amphitheater

Last Friday, I got to check something off of my bucket list – something I didn’t even realize was on it until it happened.

Steve Martin came to Nashville to play his banjo and crack us all up.  I have loved this man since I was a little girl and chose “Father of the Bride” to rent at the video store.  In those movies, he reminds me SO MUCH of my grandpa (anyone who knows Pi can attest to this), and his sense of humor in general just tickles me to death.  I even named a capybara that my friend adopted in my name after him.  The fact that he plays the banjo – and is REALLY, really good – is just the hilarious, random icing on the cake.  My in-laws were in town for the weekend and very generously got us tickets.  We all had a blast!

(Tuning his banjo.  Evidently, you have to do that every time the weather changes.  Evidently, the weather in Nashville changes every 3 minutes.)

“Now, this is a song….well, that pretty much says it.”

Steve and his “Eight hundred-dollar set list.”

He even had his adorable doggie run onstage for a treat.

The band he’s touring with, The Steep Canyon Rangers, was really amazing.  The fiddler in particular was inSANE.  

Waving goodbye to the crowd.  Please don’t go, Steve!

I regret resisting the temptation to yell out a request for the Thermos Song.  But it was such a great night.  I’m so glad we went!!!


A few months back, I fell in love with this credenza.  And I commissioned my good pal Dan to make me one.  :o)

My credenza arrived like this.  I got to finish it myself, which was totally exciting and rewarding.

…..Aaaand voila!

I made a simple runner by stitching together vintage handkerchiefs I’d collected in my general color scheme.  I love the combination of vintage and modern.

Like my “flowers?”  I got them on a walk that Ryan and I took today.

For all I know, they’re weeds, but I think they’re pretty.  I think the term “weed” is in the eye of the beholder.  To lots of people, rats are pests; to others, they’re beloved household pets.

But I digress.

I can’t wait to fill my credenza with dishes and tabletop decorations galore!  <3

In Which a Man’s Shirt Becomes a Lady’s Skirt

When the man who donated his shirt to Goodwill wondered what would become of his red pearl-snap – if he even gave it a second thought- I doubt he had this in mind.

I saw this idea on Smile and Wave a few weeks back.  There was no tutorial so I had to make do.  After one failed attempt, I have a light, breezy skirt to wear in the 100+ temps this summer.

Plus, I never turn down another outfit with which to sport my red Toms!  :o)

Happy Spring, everybody.

(Yes, I know I’m in harsh sun/shadows, which is a no-no, but I don’t really care about rules when it comes to my own blog.  Besides, I was too excited and couldn’t wait!)

Stacie’s Family

Last weekend I had the privilege of taking pictures of my friend and coworker, Stacie, and her children.  It was a very chilly day and we were throwing jackets onto the kids between pictures, but I think we successfully pulled off a spring family photoshoot!

Stacie has four gorgeous children!  There’s Tyler…



And Madison!

And, as you can see, another precious one on the way :o)

Stacie and her kids were so much fun.  The oldest two are natural models.

And how CUTE and full of personality are the little ones?!

I had a great time taking these pictures.  Thanks again, Stacie!  Can’t wait for the sweet baby’s arrival!

T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s