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Er….Makeover Take Two…and a story.

1-1-11 addendum: I realize this post is no longer relevant…but I still like the story I’m sure you all have noticed that my blog looks different…AGAIN. Ever put something together, think, “Oh, this looks so great!” and then find yourself less and less satisfied each time you see it? I think what bothered me the […]

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Greyscale Wrap Day

Well, it’s over. It’s been a crazy and incredibly fulfilling ride. We’ve met tons of new awesome people and learned more than we could ever describe. This is one of those things that I never, ever imagined would happen in my life but it makes perfect sense that it has. We are not the authors, […]

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Some Friends

My husband and I had the following conversation over gtalk this morning: me: I found some friends http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/HomeAccentsD%C3%A9cor/tabid/508/CategoryID/132/List/0/catpageindex/4/Level/a/ProductID/2061/ProductName/Ceramic-Owls/Default.aspx Ryan: yup, there they are me: are they your friends too? Ryan: never met ’em me: yes you have you did just now and they like you. they told me. Ryan: online… me: but they see you through the […]

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Leave Me.

This past weekend, my husband and some of our friends made a short film for a 36-hour contest. (No, I’m not posting this to drum up votes. There are specific judges for the contest. Your “vote” would make us smile, but would be obsolete in the actual determination of the winner.) The films have to […]

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In case there is someone out there who does not know, my husband is making a movie. It is called Greyscale (yes, that is Mr. Turner from “Boy Meets World” you see listed in the cast) and although it is not finished, it has already changed our lives in a permanent way. I won’t go into […]

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T w i t t e r
E t s y   F a v s